Bedbank Supply

Vast, global inventory with various rate types.

In a world of ever improving supplier connections, maintaining all connections at an optimized, up-to-date level, can be a challenging, costly task.

Having specialized in supply connectivity with over 30 connections to individual suppliers and supply platforms, we offer connectivity to over 300 suppliers of travel content.

There is a wide range from small tour operators, DMCs to travel wholesalers and major bedbanks available.
All connections are contiuously maintained and upgraded.
Individual client preferences regarding data structure and data flow, can be considered.
We specialize in suppy connections that can offer a competitive edge as the focus is on small tour operators and DMCs, and regionally specialized wholesalers.
Their contracting can provide a competitive advantage to its customers as competitive pricing leads to margin improvements.
Constant monitoring, error handling, and reporting combined with automatic closures and sophisticated cache management lead to a reliable booking experience.

DMC Consolidation

Niche supply at very low rates

Having connected a large number of DMCs, we can offer locally contracted hotels at very low rates. Our DMC supply base spans from the Americas, through Europe, to Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Many of our DMC supply partners are in direct communication with the hotels through local offices, which greatly simplifies the resolution of potential operational issues.

Direct Contracting

Better know how much to buy

Direct contracts with hotels allow us to offer our customers the best possible prices for attractive hotels mainly within Europe. Several rates types are availble including B2C, B2B, CUG, and package rates.

We continue to contract demanded hotels through direct connections and channel manager integrations. We strive to double the number of directly contracted hotels by 2025.

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Increased profitability, higher market share.

Our clients are more competitive using our technology. The data insights, optimized supply, or improved supplier connections enable our clients to secure their future competitive edge and to continue to grow on a sustainable basis.